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After years of supporting many ministries and through the leadership of the Holy Ghost, in May 19, 2013, Elder Henry E. Thomas was led to start a ministry in his home in San Antonio with the support of his family. The ministry grew with the addition of several other families. On June 17, 2013, Senior Pastor Henry E. Thomas, Co-Pastor Fannie M. Thomas, Executive Pastor Timothy T. Calvin, and Elder Travis Gale founded Covenant Restoration Christian Fellowship (CRCF) along with their wives and three supporting families.


Church services continued to be held in the Senior Pastor's home and Discipleship Training was rotated between the Executive Pastor and the Elder's home. In September 8, 2013, the Lord opened the door for our Worship Service and Discipleship Training to be held at the Holiday Inn to give room for increase.


In October 13, 2013, the Senior Pastor, Co-Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Elder were ordained by Apostle John Fults and Pastor Carmen Fults under the covering of Faith Association of Ministries International (FAMI), Detroit, MI as their covering and accountability leaders.

CRCF has continued to grow as God has given the increase. The leadership has expanded with spirit led visionaries joining the team to help fulfill the vision of the Senior Pastor. CRCF is dedicated to teaching God's Word, outreaching, and not being an ordinary Church. In January 2014, the slogan "We Work Better Together" was adopted from Apostle Fults, which has inspired the church to continue to move forward.


From the home to our current location, we can find our way to Zion because of our Leader's faithfulness and true dedication to God. 

our pastors:

Senior Pastor

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Fannie Thomas

Co-Pastor/Church Administrator